Expand ELEPHANTOPIA’s successful local & global educational campaigns, community events & sponsorships including:

continued sponsorship of orphaned elephant Kavala

Mukambi school & community development programs in Kafue

Soccer for conservation in South Luangwa

Conservation and community programs & events across the US

We work to abolish the ivory trade, expand education & awareness partnering with volunteers. We focus on creating a harmonious coexistence for elephants & humans, endeavoring to move people to action with opportunities to alleviate poverty, building whole & sustainable communities in Africa.




As a fully volunteer run organization, we pride ourselves that every dollar donated directly impacts our projects in Zambia and local educational campaigns in the US.


Elephantopia started as a simple blog. Founder and Director Elizabeth Schrank spent most of 2009 living in rural South Africa in the Mpumalanga region where she began to learn more about human elephant conflict and the ivory trade. Upon returning to the United States, she began a personal blog to share her experiences. Then in 2013, Elephantopia sponsored the Global March for Elephants in Houston, TX, where the Mayor signed a proclamation that October 4 is Elephants Day in Houston. From that event, Elizabeth met other elephant advocates who decided to help form Elephantopia into a formal 501c3 nonprofit. By 2014, Elephantopia received official nonprofit status and began a partnership with Game Rangers International in Zambia. We work with volunteers across the United States in Arizona, Texas, and Virginia to raise awareness about elephants and the ivory trade. 

In 2020, Elephantopia officially ceased to be a registered 501c3 nonprofit. Please take a moment to read more about it HERE

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