Can't Tu5K This


Can't Tu5K This is Elephantopia's inaugural virtual 5K race, geared and designed for runners from every corner of the globe and the United States. 

Every 15 minutes an elephant is killed for it's ivory tusks
Tusks are large incisors that continually grow throughout an elephant's lifetime. 
One third of the tusk is embedded in the elephant's skull and is full of nerve endings.
China is the number one importer and dealer in ivory, but the US is the second largest market. 


Run for Kavalamanja: her family was killed by poachers in 2011 but she was left alive since she did not have any tusks yet. She has been in the care of Game Rangers International and currently resides at the Kafue Release Facility in Zambia where she is learning necessary life skills along with other elephants that are part of this "orphan herd." All funds raised directly supports her care and the keepers who live with her 24/7. Each registrant and fundraiser has the option of signing a petition to the US Government requesting a ban on all importation of ivory.  


The race logistics are simple: 

- It's a $25 fee to register for the event; the first 40 runners to register will receive a

Can't Tu5k This 5K t-shirt and commemorative race bib sent to their preferred address

- Like our Can't Tu5k This 5k Facebook Page 

- On race day, Nov. 2, use the MapMyRun app to record your time and post your results on our Can't Tu5k This Facebook page!

- Top three results will win medals, shipped to their preferred address. 

-Can't run? Consider fundraising! Log into our 5K GoFundMe page and give a one-time or recurring donation of $5 (one dollar per kilometer) to show your support for the race!

-Runners and Fundraisers can sign our petition to the US Government calling for a ban on the importation of ivory!


REGISTER TODAY - The first 40 registrants will receive a Can't Tu5k This t-shirt 


REGISTER TODAY - The first 40 registrants will receive a race bib featuring Kavalamanja, the orphaned elephant victim of the ivory trade our run supports


Be sure to post your time using MapMyRun app and sharing on our Can't Tu5K This facebook page - the top three results will win medals


Using the MapMyRun app and posting the results to our special Can't Tu5K This Facebook Page

That's it. Simple steps to help find a solution for a complex problem. 

In a world run by chaos, we can't let innocence become extinct. This is a community-minded event, but it has the potential to be larger than that! 


From Seattle to Miami, Detroit to Houston, Los Angeles to New York - it doesn't matter where you are. Anyone can participate.


The race is virtual, but the cause is real.


Join today! 

Every year, Elephantopia seeks to elevate its mission by not only raising funds, but to get people engaged in our mission. As part of our efforts to bring more events stateside and bring awareness to the plight of Elephants in Africa and Asia, we want to take the next step - or steps! 


Takes those steps, literally, with us and run for a great cause! Elephants are a keystone species, meaning that without elephants, hundreds of other plant and animal species would cease to exist. Their numbers are dwindling because of ivory trade; each day is a challenge for these magnificent creatures. So we're asking you to challenge yourself by running 5 small kilometers that could end up having a large impact. All funds raised will be donated to Kavalamanja, an orphaned elephant victim of the ivory trade, cared for by our partners Game Rangers International in Kafue National Park, Zambia. 


Join Elephantopia for its inaugural 5K race to raise funds for our cause:

Save Elephants and Build Community.

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