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Soccer for Conservation in South Luangwa

Elephantopia is excited to be working with the Zambian Carnivore Programme in South Luangwa to support community education programs aimed at working with local community members to instill the importance of wildlife conservation and anti-snaring campaigns. We are specifically raising funds for the Mimbulu Soccer Team which encourages youth involvement in conservation through their favorite sport, soccer (or as it's called in Zambia: football)!

It costs $500USD a year to cover fees for soccer tournaments and equipment needed. To donate to this program, please select the Soccer for Conservation tab on the donation page.



  • Supports soccer for conservation programs to raise awareness of conservation 

  • Helps pay for school fees for students who are involved in soccer for conservation activities

  • Supports any outreach events we are conducting in Zambia. 

Sponsor a Student in Kafue 

Mukambi Community School was built in 2005, with generous funding from guests of Mukambi Lodge. GRI has been supporting the school since April 2015, when Game Rangers International (GRI) moved into the area. Mukambi lies in the heart of Kafue National Park, and it is therefore vital that its residents are empowered to manage their natural resources. GRI facilitates weekly conservation education clubs, provides resources and delivers sports, drama and arts workshops.

Seventy-seven children attend the school, which is staffed by five teachers. Only one of these teachers is trained, although two are currently being part-sponsored to completed a long-distance learning qualification. In the evenings, the teachers volunteer their time to facilitate adult literacy classes.

Although the school caters for pre-school to Grade 7 students, there are only two permanent classrooms at the school, so the children learn in shifts. Subjects include English, Maths, Literacy, Science, Social Studies and local language, Chitonga. There are only one or two text books available per subject, and the learning style is very much by rote and repetition.

Beginning in 2019, School fees are the equivalent of $50/year. The school is supported by a Ministry of Health feeding program, providing each child with one hot meal each day. The school has recently renovated two of their classrooms (seen  in pictures below) and have raised teacher salaries to meet national standards. 

See how your gift directly impacts these students by clicking HERE to see our blogpost, Meet the Mukambi Kids. The joy in their smiles is contagious, thank you for your generosity! 

minimum donation required is $50USD

$50/child will purchase school supplies (pencils, notebook etc) and hygiene materials (i.e. bar of soap and a flannel etc.) - items which are difficult for their families to afford, and in the case of hygiene kits are critical to the child’s health.

When children aren’t in school, they fetch firewood and water, help their mothers with washing up and looking after their younger siblings.

11 of the children are single orphans, and 3 are double orphans. Several are affected by HIV/AIDS.

The biggest challenge for children is a lack of clean water. They currently draw water from the Kafue River, risking crocodile and hippo encounters on a daily basis. 20% of the children have suffered from diarrheal diseases in the past 4 months, and 12 students have been treated for bilharzia. GRI is currently working hard to supply clean water for the community, along with flushing toilets and running water at the school.

A lack of income is also a challenge for the children at Mukambi, with an average family income of approx. $90/month. GRI launched Mukambi Women’s Group in June 2015, and empowered the ladies of Mukambi to start their own income generation project, selling curios and clothing. Although most of the women are now doubling their husband's incomes, these families are all caring for additional dependants and can not afford much beyond their bare necessities, (food, transport and health care).

The children and their parents encounter elephants on a daily basis. Several people in this area have been trampled or lost their crops to elephants, so most have a negative perception of elephants. GRI is working hard to change this perception, mitigate conflicts and to convey the great economic and ecological benefits of elephants.

Water Project for Mukambi
School & Community 2018

We are so excited to be partnering with the South Tempe Rotary Club to provide access to clean water for both the Mukambi school and community! You can read more about this exciting project HERE.

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